Eternal IC : ChroniTime [Rules]

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Eternal IC : ChroniTime [Rules]

Post by Sagiki on Wed Oct 30, 2013 2:11 pm



- General Concept:

You simply make an AMV with the music pack.
PS: The duo is accepted for this IC.

- Processus :

Once you make your  AMV, you'll post your AMV, with a DL link as well as some information here:

The ranking will be general.

- Categories :





- Technical Rules :

- You will need to make an AMV minimum 1mn30 out intro and outro
- Minimum resolution of 480p
- Only sources japanimations (excluding 3D) are allowed for your clips.
- Video codec: x264, xvid, dvix.
- Audio codec: mp3, AAC, WAV.
- Container: mp4, avi, mkv (depending on the quality of the image).


- Aliasing, pixelated sources, image splitting ...
- Sub-titles, logos and other pollution from the source.
- And of course, plagiarism.

- The Judge :


- Music Pack :

Given at the beginning of the IC.
The Password will be given at the beginning of the IC, Friday, November 8 at 00:00.
Deadline for IC: Sunday, November 10 0:00

- Registration :

Register here >> # 739 / MP or with the Judges.
The winners will be entitled to a prize!

- Special Forum Ranking EternalChronicle
- The right to organize the next IC.


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Re: Eternal IC : ChroniTime [Rules]

Post by Kisagi on Thu Oct 31, 2013 6:50 am

Ah cool an IC!, but sadly I'm no longer doing IC's anymore Crying or Very sad . Good luck to the participants though!


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