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ZonaAMV The Film Contest 2015

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ZonaAMV The Film Contest 2015 Empty ZonaAMV The Film Contest 2015

Post by TheCacoVenom Sat Mar 14, 2015 2:08 pm

The Film Contest is here again, last edition was in 2011 only for ZA members but this time it will be open for everyone who wants to take part in this contest, the main idea of this contest is just to do edit with movie or any film thta you want.

- The video does not need to be exclusive
- no anime and any type of animation is allowed.
- You need to put the logo of contest somewhere on your video.
- No logo from another contest is allowed.
- No porn, yaio, yuri and any og that things are allowed
- The video needs to be more than 1 min, without intro or outro.
- Resolution it needs to be over 848x480 but we would like 1280x720 or 1920x1080.
- MEP is allowed.
- No watermarks or subtitles.
-Deadline April 5th 2015, time zone 11:59 UTC -7

mediafire.com download/rn6hxo1848bxh1h/%5BZA%5D+TheFilmContest+Logo.png


we will let you know how to send your video in afew days
if you have any question just post it here or go to http://www.zonaamv.com/t10675-the-film-contest-2015-iniciamos-w

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