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[Æon] Never Let It Go -AMV [Souls IC #11 ]

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 [Æon] Never Let It Go -AMV [Souls IC #11 ] Empty [Æon] Never Let It Go -AMV [Souls IC #11 ]

Post by Jocker8clz Fri Feb 27, 2015 11:53 pm

 [Æon] Never Let It Go -AMV [Souls IC #11 ] <a href= [Æon] Never Let It Go -AMV [Souls IC #11 ] Shinge10" />

worked on it about 1.5 day , I think am the first one who finished XD ...
(the song shifted 3 or 4 frames when I rendered and I don't know why Razz )

anyway hope you enjoy Smile

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 [Æon] Never Let It Go -AMV [Souls IC #11 ] Empty Re: [Æon] Never Let It Go -AMV [Souls IC #11 ]

Post by BeautyxPain Fri Mar 13, 2015 10:31 am

Very good!!! 8DD yushh! I enjoyed watching that, even though I couldn't get into the show much^^" lool & Congrats on 14th place!^^ pretty good for such a quick edit ;3
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