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~Release Everything You've Got Contest~ "Action-2014"

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~Release Everything You've Got Contest~ "Action-2014" Empty ~Release Everything You've Got Contest~ "Action-2014"

Post by Draga Sat Jul 26, 2014 4:47 pm

~Release Everything You've Got Contest~ "Action-2014" 414727REYGCONTESTPoster

Promo :

French Version / Version française (Spoiler) :



DL Link (SHARE THIS PROMO IF YOU CAN) : mega.co.nz #!dloEwTIB!jdqNbc3Y9v0RZ5FTqe5KnNhbLIU3-4RmY4B1nDKQ0_c

REYG = Release Everything You've Got

You haven't seen the REYG MEPS? it's here :

REYG 1 (BeautyxPain102,Lodolis,Vipertrix,Luciole,Tricky,Kyoroichi,Nosamvs,Draga) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nPnmfuOuCU&index=19&list=UU4lF-RuostrxIbUQrq2-rPw

REYG 2 (Vipertrix,Light,Tricky,Breaker,Lodolis,MrPaixtaras,Zuuki,xRazalKun,Draga) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqtvBPA1XR4&list=UU4lF-RuostrxIbUQrq2-rPw&index=14

REYG 3 (Hayden , Luciole , Yuuichi , Zuuki , Draga ) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28uAGzW6_Hc&list=UU4lF-RuostrxIbUQrq2-rPw

Did you like the REYG MEPs? If yes , you can now make your own one now ! Surpass your own limits !!!

Let's go through the rules.


1 – Only Anime Music Videos are allowed ( Multi Editor Project).
2 – In order to be considered an AMV, 60% of the video must at least consisted of Anime and/or Japanese Videogames, and the duration of the song must be at least 90% of the video.
3– The video must be between 1:30-5:00 mins long (without intro/outro).


1 – At least 3 people by MEP.
2 – Registrations are made by posting a message in the forum topic, specifying the names of the different members or with a comment on the promo video.
3 – You can register at any time , if it's before the deadline of course.
4 – If by any chance a participant does not have mates to enter the contest with, he may register as "Looking for members" and if he finds other people in the same situation he may team up with them,it's up to him/them.


1 – The participants will have 1 month to edit their videos.
Deadline : 24th August (you have to edit with a song from the song pack , otherwise your mep won't be accepted).
2 –  Here is the song pack "New DL Link" ( if you find one of the pack songs with a better quality you can use it too ) : mega.co.nz #F!xlJWVIba!HPXzS0x1eCZI0JL97auC0A (Dangerkids - Destroy Yourself has been replaced by Dangerkids - Light Escapes due to some problems so don't use Destroy Yourself for this contest)
You can download the songs one by one , it may be annoying but i think it's easier for everyone , maybe it'll be more difficult if you had to download 200 MB+ directly , if you have any problem you can contact me (Skype : noureddine16702 , mail : noureddine.wow@laposte.net (i check it rarely though) , youtube (put a comment on the promo video) )


1 – The videos must be uploaded on one of these file hosting sites: Mega, Mediafire, Dropbox, Sendspace.
2 – The links must be sent to the following e-mail: noureddine.wow@laposte.net with the following text :
~MEP Title~ (Member 1 , member 2 , etc...) , you can fill the rest with what you want ( A personal comment for example , a problem you had while making the MEP , etc...).
3 – You can also add a video response with your MEP on the Promo Video.


1 –The Mep that got 1st place will be uploaded on Draga's Channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/dragaofficial
2 – For the 2nd and 3rd place , the prize haven't been decided yet , if you have any interesting idea feel free to share it and thanks beforehand.

Promo Video/ Poster made by Draga.
Nero Team
Nero Team

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~Release Everything You've Got Contest~ "Action-2014" Empty Re: ~Release Everything You've Got Contest~ "Action-2014"

Post by Kyoroichi Sat Jul 26, 2014 4:48 pm

Bidoofs we are coming

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