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Geekfest Québec

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Geekfest Québec Empty Geekfest Québec

Post by ProjectBarcodeError Thu May 22, 2014 6:06 pm

 The AMV contest is open to anybody, except for the Geekfest Quebec's staff
 Editors can send up to 2 amvs. Both amvs must be of different category.
 MEP/Collabs are allowed. The person submitting the AMV by mail will have the mep counted in his 2-amv limit. Other editors which have participed in the mep won't have the MEP/Collab counted in their 2-amv limit, so they can still send 2 videos.
 The AMV must have been published publicly in 2014, not before.
 Any plagiarism will be punished by absolute disqualification.
 Scenes containing extreme graphic violences (decapitation, torn limbs, guts) and pornography are forbidden. Considering that the amv should be for a public under 18. (fan service/ecchi is tolerated)
 There is no maximum length for the amv, but keep in mind that anything over 5 minutes may be removed from the public's screening due to short time span allowed for the contest.
 Also, in order to show as much AMVs as possible, please consider having less than 20 seconds of intro/outro/credits (combined). Non-respect of this rule may reduces the chances of the amv being shown.
Geekfest Quebec reserves the right to disqualify entries for any reason they see necessary to protect the overall quality and integrity of the program.
Submission/Selection Procedures
Each AMV must be sent to william.belley@ganime.ca with the following informations :AMV Title, Editor Name and/or Nickname , AMV download link, Music/Anime used (if more than 5 animes were used, write "various"), Category where you would like the AMV to be in.

 Official deadline to submit videos is  June 15th,23h59 (Eastern Standard Time).
 All videos must be submitted by DDL link. Examples:  mediafire, mega, rapidshare or animemusicvideos.org
 A pre-screening of all sent videos will be made in order to check if they respect the rules and if they don't have any upload issues . If necessary, editors will be contacted to correct any issue related to their videos.
 Due to time constraints, some AMVs may not be shown.

Rules regarding AMVs
All AMVs must respected the following requirements :
 Maximal file size for each AMV: 30 Mo/Minute
 Recommended format : avi, mkv, mp4
 Recommended video/audio codecs : h.264, Xvid.  Mp3, aac
 Video must be in NTSC format. Minimal resolution must be 640×480 or  640×360 (16:9 ratio recommended)
 Non-Japanese sources are allowed (ex: My little Pony, Teen Titans, Legend of Korra, Waltz with Bashir, Batman Gotham Knight...). Live Action (Movies with real actors) will also be accepted as a special category this year.
As a reminder, each participant can send up to 2 AMVs , 1 per category :
 Action/Upbeat/Dance
 Drame/Romance
 Comedy/Parody
 Instrumental/Ambiance
 X (every AMV which can't be easily put in any other category previously shown)
 Live Action  
Note : Each category must have at least 3 AMVs in order to be eligible for a prize. This does refrain the AMVs sent from being shown at the public screening. Also, it is possible for an AMV to be changed of the expected category by the editor if the coordinator judges it worthy.

Rankings (all of them will be Public's choice, with exception of Coordinator's Choice)
 Best Action/Upbeat/Dance
 Best Drama/Romance
 Best Comedy/Parody
 Best Instrumental/Ambiance
 Best X
 Best Live Action
 Best AMV Overall
 Coordinator's choice

GeekFest Québec reserves the right to modify, extend or cancel this Contest without notice. This decision left to the sole discretion of GeekFest Quebec, does not incure Geekfest's liability.

Every participants accept, by sending their videos :
• To have their AMVs broadcasted in public
• To be presented on Geekfest's website, for future purposes

there ya go, buddies. if you have any questions, post them here or in forum PM
Sora To Kasai
Sora To Kasai

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Geekfest Québec Empty Re: Geekfest Québec

Post by Kisagi Mon May 26, 2014 11:01 pm

Damn... I have nothing that's made this year yet

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