[MEP] - Shonen Soul - [Joyeux Anniversaire Luciole]

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[MEP] - Shonen Soul - [Joyeux Anniversaire Luciole]

Post by Light on Sun Oct 12, 2014 1:01 pm

Anime:Various.//.Song: The Finalist - Rain
(Merci Akuzooo)

So I hosted an MEP with my friends to celebrate Jérémiole's birthday. At first I wanted to use a specific song but it turned out that the song wasn't available for me to use *wink wink Luciole* so yeah...

Track 1: Nosamvs
Track 2: Tricky
Track 3: Breaker
Track 4: Light
Track 5: Kyoroichi
Track 6: Zuuki
Track 7: Sephi
Track 8: BeautyxPain
Outro: Light

DDL: mega.co.nz #!eoIRRAgA!ifVDiD6_XlUETCiG8BZC_E5gUzpisppGMAbsUsH-4RY

Streaming Link:
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Re: [MEP] - Shonen Soul - [Joyeux Anniversaire Luciole]

Post by xChromez on Sun Oct 12, 2014 11:08 pm

Aweessommmeee MEP!!!
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