[MEP] Rehab's Victory

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[MEP] Rehab's Victory

Post by Sagiki on Sun Apr 27, 2014 10:40 am

Yo les gens!!

Nouvelle MEP, baston tout ça tout le monde connait...

Y'a un mois de cela,j'avais proposé à Zuuki de faire un petit MEP, il à accepté, en invitant son petit monde de son coté, et mon petit monde du mien.
Death, Light, Yuuichi, Slaayer sont donc venu nous accompagné pour : Rehab's Victory !
C'est petit malin m'on bien fait sauter des deadline (certain) mais c'est pas grave, il est la!

Info/Fiche Technique :


Track 1 : Oda Nobunaga No Yabou
Track 2 : Mirai Nikki
Track 3 : Death Note
Track 4 : Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas
Track 5 : Magi
Track 6 : One Piece

Download link: mega.co.nz #!GNYxWSbJ!DehnURnQik07yaf8K978CC35TQyzc9og66euYfI5lws

Lien Streaming:


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Re: [MEP] Rehab's Victory

Post by Kisagi on Sun Apr 27, 2014 1:12 pm

It was okay IMO, the whole MEP was missing something as a whole. A few places I liked here and there, but the anime selection was pretty random of no purpose or proper blending IMO. Not something I would like, but nice job

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Re: [MEP] Rehab's Victory

Post by Kyoroichi on Sun Apr 27, 2014 7:05 pm

Not bad but the song just irritates me, for the tracks: not bad the first track but really weird and sloppy cam movement, good job for the coloring and matching of scenes in the track though, track 2 was pretty cool but the black and white was a bit dull and boring, it killed your track a bit, the fma scene in your track was stunned me a little i thought the other track was going to be fma but it wasn't obviously, track 3 honestly wasn't your best xD your shakes were pretty weird and it was accompanied by the wierd contrast on your part that apparently most of your projects have, seriously its really weird, the film overlays were unnecessary in my opinion but still not bad, track 4 was one of the two tracks i really liked but at 1:54 a glitch? looked really weird but still good track, track 5 my favorite track, nothing wrong with it in my opinion realy enjoyed good work slaayerand last track not bad but nothing special, I think you guys should have chosen anime to match each parts accordingly some weird anime choices here but still not bad of an MEP \o

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Re: [MEP] Rehab's Victory

Post by Light on Mon Apr 28, 2014 2:45 pm

thanks for the feedback Babu-chan  Razz aaand i dunno, i like that contrast Very Happy
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Re: [MEP] Rehab's Victory

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