[MEP] Just Let Go (02/04/14)

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[MEP] Just Let Go (02/04/14)

Post by kenshiroamv on Thu Apr 03, 2014 2:18 pm

DLL: mediafire.com download/mqfnn4nnscijzie/Let+Go+MEP+%28gab+bday+mep%29.mp4
Editor: KenshiroAMV, AlchemistEskimo, TheInvisibleBlackxX, ProjectBarcodeError, RealShinteki, sgtpeterarbit, xRedAngel96x, XBerserkDrew
Anime: Steins Gate, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Seint Seiya, Fate Zero, Fate Stay/Night, Zetsuen No Tempest, Sacred Blacksmith, Hajime no Ippo Rising
Song: silverstein - a better place
Contest Participating/ed: n/a
Other Credits: AT7 the mascot
Description: our late bday present for lacky/blucky/gabby (995Gabber not gabberMD ahaha), his reaction was great ahaha, wed very much appreciate feedback Smile

parts wise
1 - TheInvisibleBlackxX - Steins gate
2 - AlchemistEskimo - Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
3 - ProjectBarcodeError- Seint Seiya
4 - RealShinteki - Daiyo No Ace
5 - sgtpeterarbit - Fate Zero/Fate Stay Night
6 - xRedAngel96x - Zetsuen No Tempest
7 - KenshiroAMV - Hajime No Ippo Rising
8 - XBerserkDrew - Sacred Blacksmith

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