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Post by Kyoroichi on Wed May 23, 2012 10:21 am

Hiro's brother Atsuya is dating Hiro's childhood friend and secret crush Hikari. Hiro's affection for Hikari will lead him to commit an un-punishable crime against his older brother. At least, he thinks it is un-punishable, until he is kidnapped and imprisoned by a group of people wearing animal masks. The judging is about to start!

Related Series
Doubt (TONOGAI Yoshiki) (Prequel)

Drama Horror Mystery Psychological Shounen Tragedy

Author(s) / Artist(s)


Original Publisher
Square Enix


My Comment :

One of my best discovered of the last year!
I discovered this manga during the last japan expo and I directly loved it
At the moment, only 4 volumes of this manga have been published and the next is planned for July, 2012 in Japan !!

You can read here the first volume :

And you, what do think about this manga :p ?

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Re: [Manga]_Judge

Post by [madaraxD] on Sat May 26, 2012 7:31 am

Origamiiamv wrote:One of my best discovered of the last year!
I aprove this, the manga is just awesome Twisted Evil

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Re: [Manga]_Judge

Post by Vipertrix on Sun Aug 26, 2012 9:19 am

ok i might give it a shot after i finnish ippo =D

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Re: [Manga]_Judge

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